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Sundial Inn

On a return flight from a dream vacation at the Sundial Inn located in the outskirts of New Orleans, Tim and Sara find themselves covered in bruises with no memory of the past three days. The mystery deepens once they learn the inn had ceased operations many decades earlier in 1954.

Plagued with lucid nightmares, Sara struggles to return to her normal life forcing Tim to return to New Orleans in search of answers. Aided by a local clairvoyant Mrs. Lizzie, the secrets of the Sundial Inn and its enigmatic founder, Atticus Busby are slowly unearthed. There is much more to the inn than meets the eye, and Tim begins to realize that his own connection to it is much deeper—and darker—than he ever could have guessed.

A paranormal horror with a streak of dark humor, The Sundial Inn questions the human condition and our desire for power, control, and revenge.

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About the book

The Sundial Inn is an adult horror fantasy story comprised of 64,600 words. After seeing an abandoned hotel, condemned, and scheduled for demolition, I dreamed of a story that would draw unsuspecting guests to the building. The innocence of the guests would blind them from the truth and place them directly in the hands of evil. Yet, the story cuts much deeper than that and takes the reader back to the early 1900s to when it all began and to a plane or spiritual realm where only certain people with special abilities can journey, to seek out answers and see the absolute truth.

This story cuts to the core of the human condition to expose our desires and weaknesses as humans. From a purely optic view, a Sundial Inn could be in operation today and nobody would be the wiser which makes the story believable and compelling.

1st Chapter

I wanted the reader to be drawn to this story and feel compelled to read on from the very beginning by placing the main characters into chaos and confusion within the very first pages. This trend continues as the scenes are set in the following chapters and the plot thickens.

About Stephen John Ross


Stephen John Ross is a business professional, songwriter, and musician. Married with three children and four grandchildren, Stephen enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Debbie and chihuahua CeCe. The Sundial Inn is his first novel, with plans for a sequel. 

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