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A self-taught guitarist and keyboard player, Stephen learned to play at the age of twelve and explored many genres of music from folk, blues, classic rock, and pop music. Heavily influenced by these genres, his songwriting is a culmination of each and the recordings cover a broad range.

Album: Home

This album is comprised of songs that have been written over the years, recorded, and released in 2016. 

Single: Rita

The first release on this new album, Rita was released in 2022 with seven additional songs in the works soon to be released. 

Song lyrics

Lyrics to all of my songs are chosen very carefully and are just as important to me as the music because together, they create a unique expression.

About Stephen John Ross


Stephen John Ross is a business professional, songwriter, and musician. Married with three children and four grandchildren, Stephen enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Debbie and chihuahua CeCe. The Sundial Inn is his first novel, with plans for a sequel. 

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